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This world is built around adventuring in the post apocalyptic era of a highly magical society. I hope I have put together a unique and interesting perspective on a fantasy world. One that is intentionally filled with mysteries and provides opportunities for your characters to make a real difference to the world and people around them.


I. The Architects

Ancient architects of a forgotten age developed mysterious sciences bridging the worlds between stars and spread a myriad of life forms among them. In time, these architects faded from memory. That they had existed at all could only be shown through the discovery of their enigmatic artifacts and the vast distribution of similar species throughout the stars.

With time, the peoples of these many varied species learned for themselves how to move between the stars and built expansive and interwoven empires. The greatest treasures of these empires were the collected artifacts of the unknowable architects.

Empires rose and fell and a period of particularly dark times came upon the myriad peoples. In fear, they sought to hide away one of these most terrible and powerful artifacts so it could not be used against them. This artifact was hidden on a distant world in the deepest reaches of space and was soon forgotten.


II. The Cosmic Nexus

Unique among its kind, this artifact began to change space and reality around itself. Warping its fundamental position in existence to become a cosmic nexus of alternate dimensions and planes of existence.

As these different realities have become coterminous with this world each of them has left its mark like a thousand painters on a single canvas. Some bits buried under ever thickening layers and others scraped away leaving only hints of what came before.

As such, it has been the playground for countless godlike entities that have given rise to manifold religions, cultures, and species. Having their power and influence, wax and wane with the alignment of the planes. Each pushing its own societies on the world like waves of the ocean. Building, growing larger, and ultimately crashing and dispersing throughout the world; only to be followed by another wave with yet another entity pushing it. Even now, the cycle continues.


III. The Age of Sothilistu

Sothilistu was the great demon god of the Yuan Ti empire. She was known as the Naga Mother, the Mother of Spines, and the Anathema-Who-Dared-To-Walk-In-The-Light. The serpent folk of the Yuan Ti empire believed she had given them spines so they could rise up and rule over all in her name.

3,000+ Years ago the Yuan Ti founded their empire on harsh justice and slavery as a reflection of their cruel god.

2,000+ Years ago the Yuan Ti empire became the dominant power in the known world. Built on a heavily controlled and traded slave populace and highly advanced magical society.

1,000+ Years ago the Yuan Ti empire began a slow collapse stemming from division within the church of Sothilistu, political infighting, and growing slave rebellion.

150+ Years ago the Yuan Ti empire had shattered and as a final act of defiance against this end they committed themselves to great rituals and sacrifices. They called upon their god for salvation. Sothilistu heard their plea and punished their weakness by coming into the world as a mountain of stone, cast from the heavens.


IV. The Age of Yearning

No one alive remembers when the Sothilistu Stone fell and no one truly knows how long the dark Age of Suffering has lasted. So much was destroyed at the end of the last age that the great success of this age is that life has managed to survive at all. The land is sprinkled with the remnants and ruins of the lost empire of the Yuan Ti and by the efforts of those who have come later, tried to rebuild, and failed.

Food and resources are scarce and capable people are few.
Monsters haunt the night, the wilderness, and probably live next door.
Everyone has reason to fear for their life and you should too.