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No, I’m not talking about writing these articles. This is more stuff about game mechanics!

The Angry GM takes a very in depth look at How to take the Suck out of the Inspiration rules. This post pares down what he said to be what I intend to use in my game.


Inspiration, what’s it good for?

First, disregard whatever it says about Inspiration and replace with this…

Choose two Personality Traits, one Bond, one Ideal, and one Flaw (or make up your own).

Every character starts with one (1) Inspiration point.

When you spend a point of Inspiration, you get a re-roll. If you didn’t already have Advantage (best of 2 d20), this counts as Advantage. If you do have Advantage, Cool! It’s cumulative! Now you get to choose the best of rolling 3 d20.

Setback, and why it’s a good thing.

When you spend Inspiration it’s gone. To get more you have to take a Setback. This is were those Personality Traits, Bond, Ideal, and Flaw come into play.

The players decides how one of these has provided some form of distraction which gives the character Disadvantage (worst of 2 d20) on the next roll. After the Setback is resolved the character gets another Inspiration point.

So, Why is this better?

The idea is take out random adjudication by the GM and give the player more agency over their own character and that characters place in the story.


On the other side of this is what I actually do as a GM. I enjoy rewarding the players. Do something awesome. Anything awesome. Take chances. Get into your character. Have fun. Work to help everybody else have fun. Give me an excuse and I’ll throw Inspiration points at it.