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Wizards of the Coast has finally crossed the streams!
And here’s the link: Plane Shift: Zendikar


The people on the Magic: The Gathering side of the house have released a 38 page PDF detailing a D&D 5e conversion of Zendikar. The world of Zendikar was the thematic foundation for three expansion sets; Zendikar, Worldwake, and Rise of the Eldrazi. The high concept behind Zendikar was based on the idea of a world of adventure.

According to some ex-WotC employees, Wizards of the Coast has tried multiple times to bring Magic: The Gathering to Dungeons & Dragons. For one reason or another, each time, the project stalled out. But not anymore.

If you like what they have put out there. Or, if you like the idea of seeing where they go with this, click on the link below. At the end of the article there’s a feedback link that takes you to a 2 minute survey. So, you can tell them exactly what you think of it and if you’re willing to actually spend money on such a product.

Announcement – Plane Shift: Zendikar.

I, for one, am really excited to see them finally do this.