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Fuksukovitch is one of my all time favorite NPC’s. I made him, specifically, to be a reliable resource and contact for the PC’s. I have habit of making my worlds a bit dark. Sometimes a bit too dark and my players have been known to feel overwhelmed by the forces arrayed against them. Fuksukovitch is meant to be a touch stone when things get too dark. Essentially, he provides a convenient place to put my voice in the game and offer some direction when needed. Also, depending upon the group he can allow me to gloss over some parts of the game they don’t get into.

Fuksukovitch is a military man through and through. He found his calling as a seargent and quartermaster; making deals, managing resources, building contacts, and being the touchstone for his men. When he took on the lieutenancy, Fuksukovitch expected it would help him expand his contacts so he could better take care of his men. He found out pretty quick being an officer didn’t work that way. When the kingdom fell apart he took a position leading a caravan of refugees, the Monkish Brew Brothers, to safer lands. Now that job is done Fuksukovitch is headed north to take a position at Beohelm Keep.


Lieutenant Fuksukovitch

Played by: NPC

Medium Humanoid (Human) Neutral Good
Level 1 Fighter
Male, 6’0’’, 185 lbs, Age 26
Clean shaved soldier with close cropped brown hair and brown eyes.

Initiative	+1
Senses		normal
Perception	+1 (11)

Speed		30’

Armour Class	19 (chain mail 16, shield +2, dex +1)
Hit Dice	1d10+1
Hit Points	11

Ability Scores and Saves

Ability STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA Score 13 13 13 13 13 15 Bonus (+1) (+1) (+1) (+1) (+1) (+2) Saves +3 +1 +3 +1 +1 +2


Long Sword +3 (d8+3 | S) versatile (d10) Dagger +3 (d4+3 | P) finesse, light, thrown


Short Bow +3 (d6+1 | P) arrows (20) 80/320 Dagger +3 (d4+1 | P) thrown 20/60


Bonus +2 Armour All Armour and Shields Weapons Simple and Martial Weapons Saves Strength and Constitution Tools Land Vehicles (+2), Card Games (+2) Skills Animal Handling (+3), Athletics (+3), Insight (+3), Persuasion (+4) [Note: Stealth (+1) (Armour Disadvantage)] Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven

Fighter Class Features

Fighting Style Dueling (+2 Damage) Second Wind Heal 1d10 + Level, 1/SR

Combat Gear

Chain Mail and Shield Long Sword, Dagger, and Short Bow Explorers Pack (bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, waterskin, 10 days rations, 50' hempen rope) Traveling Clothes and Pouch (playing cards, 100 sp)


Military apartment at Beohelm Keep. As a Lieutenant of the Guard, Fuksukovitch has, at least, some access to armour, weapons, horses, men, rooms, and healing.

Notable Accomplishments

Lead the four month campaign to bring the caravan of Brew Brothers and the Bastards of the Aelfhiem King Acting Troop to the lands just outside of Samoor Gos.

Build Details

Ability Scores	12 12 12 12 12 14

Racial Traits
Ability Bonus	+1 to all Ability Scores
Languages	Common, Elven

Soldier		Quartermaster
Skills		Athletics, Persuasion
Tools		Land Vehicles, Cards

Class Features - 1st Level
Armour		All Armour, Shields
Weapons		Simple, Martial
Tools		None
Saves		Strength, Constitution
Skills		Animal Handling, Insight
Fighting Style	Dueling Fighting Style (+2 damage)
Second Wind	Heal (1d10+ fighter level) 1/SR

Down Time
Profession	Mercenary Soldier in and around the Sixth Gos
Profession	Gained Lieutenancy
Profession	Leader of the Brew Brothers caravan
Language	Dwarven
Profession	Beohelm Keep Guard Lieutenant