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This is a new 5e background based on the Warhammer RPG Ratcatcher. This guy is cool for at least two reasons. The small but vicious dog and he made that sign he wears around that says, “Rats Killed”.

You earned a living on and under the streets catching rats. Tough times call for tough compromises and rat has become a necessary part of most peoples diet. You know a bit about living underground, a bit about tracking, and a lot about ways to both kill and eat rats. You’d be surprised how often that knowledge comes in useful to adventurer types.

Skill Proficiency
Animal Handling and Nature

Tool Proficiency
Choose one of Poisoner’s Kit or Thieves’ Tools and pick one Musical Instrument.

Common clothes, crowbar, hunting trap, hooded lantern, oil flasks (2), rat corpses in a sack (d6), iron cage, shovel, 50′ hempen rope, and a small but vicious dog.

You gain the feature from the urchin background.