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I must be doing something wrong. This is the second post that didn’t come out as scheduled. I’ll keep working to find out why this keeps happening.


It’s pretty easy to find good pictures of male dwarves. Good pictures of female dwarves, not so much. After scouring the Internet, I’m filling this post up with the best of what I could find.


It’s no secret among the people I game with that I really like dwarves. The D&D 5E interpretation was one of the best I’ve seen. With one exception. Dwarven senses underground should be better than any other playable race. They should be so good, other adventurers will say things like, “We need to find a dwarf before we go in there.”

I’m not talking about a full overhaul of the race. Just a small tweak to the Stone Cunning ability. Some might see it as a big tweak but it provides for so much more flavor to being a dwarf, adding to his/her position in the game world.


Also, I use a double umlaut ‘u’ ( üü ) in a lot of dwarf names. Don’t let it confuse you. I just use it because it looks cool and all dwarf-like. Give it an ‘oo’ sound, as in ‘goon’ and all is well.


For reference, here is the 5E version of the dwarf.

Below is my version. Which is the base 5E Dwarf with the Hill Dwarf subrace traits and my tweaks to the Stone Cunning ability. All of it flavored for my campaign.



Dwarves are what others call them. They call themselves, Drüün. There is an ancient tale among the Drüün that they were not made for this world, but for a very different one. Alas, when the Drüün arrived here in their ships of stone, they made it their home.

The Drüün are short, stocky, and solidly built. They usually build their homes in and around hills and mountains. Spending their time equally above and below ground.

Although, some detractors of the Drüün accuse their women of growing beards, Drüün women can not and do not grow beards.


Most Drüün are lawful, believing firmly in the benefits of a well-ordered society. They tend toward good as well, with a strong sense of fair play and a belief that everyone deserves to share in the benefits of a just order.

Ability Score		+2 Constitution, +1 Wisdom

Size			Medium (4-5' with weight as human) 

Speed			25' (speed is never reduced by armour)

Darkvision		60'

Drüün Toughness		+1 HP per Hit Die

Drüün Resilience	Advantage on saves vs. Poison
			Resistance vs. Poison

Drüün Combat Training	Proficiency with battleaxe, handaxe,
			light hammer, and warhammer

Tool Proficiency	Proficiency with smith’s tools, brewer’s
			supplies, or mason’s tools

Stone Cunning		Proficiency x2 on all history, perception,
			investigation, and tool checks involving
			stone and earth

Languages		Dwarven, and Common Trade Tongue



Degenerate cousins of the Drüün, the Müül are hairless with stone gray skin and are generally much thinner. Typically, they are neither lawful nor good. Being more concerned with simple survival in the deep black spaces of their earthy home. Sometimes known as deep dwarves, most never see the light of day. Little is known for sure about the Müül, except they are adept at survival and at some point they lost the stone cunning of their surface dwelling kin.

Fair representation. Would have liked him to have dark gray skin.