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I had to take a few days off for real life but I’m back at it now. This is another historical article. However, this one is from the perspective of the Fae.

I had really wanted to post a picture of the four elements crashing together within the vastness of the Primordial Chaos, but I couldn’t find one. If anybody sees something like that, drop me a link and I will come back and replace this image.


Chaotic Beginnings

First, there was the primordial maelstrom of chaos. Therein the substances and forces that make up all things existed. Earth, wind, fire, and water crashed together in the first great storm of creation and spirits were born in this crucible of chaos.

A bit of this chaos was taken and to it was added life and a wholly new realm of existence was created where all manner of life forms flowed one into the other and new forms of life were continuously developing and changing.

This new realm of existence became known by many names; Aelfheim, The First Realm, Tir Na Nog, The Fae Wild, and others. Here, developed the first semblance of law in the structures of the Seelie Court of the Summer King and the UnSeelie Court of the Winter Queen.


The Coming Of The Fae

As time passed the Winter Queen grew weary of her unending existence. The pageantry of the change of seasons, spawned by the passing of power between her and the Summer King, became meaningless. Life, passion, love, she had grown to feel nothing. But she still desired something she could not name.

It was then the Winter Queen began to sense something had changed and she broke the only law of the First Realm. She chose not to wake the Summer King and broke the cycle of the seasons.

Around this same time a rift formed in the deepest parts of the primordial maelstrom and something previously unknown, peered through. Drawn by the ensuing chaos in the First Realm this other something called out to the Winter Queen and the Winter Queen couldn’t help but answer.

The other wanted life and the Winter Queen wanted to escape her frustrations with the First World. A trade was made. The Winter Queen gave to the otherness her brother, the sleeping Summer King. And the other gave her a way to enter the middle world of man.

A great host of the Fae realm crossed over and found themselves changed from the fluid creatures of the First Realm and locked into forms they could not change. It was at this point the dryad, the naiad, the elf, and the gnome were born. And along with them were a plethora of other creatures and spirits that swarmed to inhabit this new world.

In the middle world they were collectively known as the Twilight People and crossing had made them weak and fearful in this new realm. This fear drove them to invoke ancient rituals to summon forth from this new earth, defenders for their people.


The Rise Of Goblin Kind

The ancient rituals of the Fae bound spirits into the earth and grew forth the first Hobs and they were loyal to the Fae.

With each subsequent casting of the ritual for growing the Hobs, they changed more and more. They became aware of their position of subservience to the the Fae. They became aware of their inability to reproduce. They became aware that they were changing and then they began to question.

The last few iterations of the ritual brought forth creatures much changed from what was intended. Smaller, able to multiply, and possessing cruel instincts.

The Hobs recognized these new creatures as the key to their independence from the Fae and the salvation of their kind. They took these new ones and they protected them. The Hobs made sure these new ones could grow and multiply and they left the Fae to the whims of the world. They named these new ones, Goblins.

In time it was found that the Goblins who grew strong and large would change to become HobGoblins and some of those who lived to be especially old would change again to become GrueGoblins.


Sith-Yoda would make a great gruegoblin