Howdy folks! I’m Eric and this is my jive! Can… You… Dig It!

Sweet brothers and sisters, here you will find table top role playing related material. Specifically, stuff for the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

I’m a sick guy. I have MS. It gave me brain damage. I’m disabled. I even have a bad ass blue parking placard that gives me Rock Star parking in all the best crippled people parking spaces.

I can’t do all the things I used to do but I can still engage my imagination and I use it to run a weekly D&D game. I have always loved to solve problems, fix things, and create… stuff. This amazing game, and the amazing people that indulge me, give me a chance to do all of these things.

I used to send out updates to my players with the subject line: BØNES-2Ø. It doesn’t really have a meaning other than the association to the d20 and I think the dual zeroes make it look cool.

I am pretty informal and my blog should reflect this. I plan to NOT be very wordy. If I’ve got something to say, I’ll just put it out there and let it be. If I do get wordy, I’ll try and preface it with a summary. If I end up boring you, then I have failed.

I expect to stick pretty close to the topic of Dungeons and Dragons. Specifically, 5th edition. Expect it to be a fairly generalized gaming blog. I’m going to post maps, house rules, characters, races, species (when applicable), classes, backgrounds, monsters, and magic items. Mostly, stuff from my home games.

My goal isn’t to be terribly original. When I was young I wanted to do it all myself but as I’ve gotten older I have become completely comfortable with standing on the shoulders of giants. If I can offer a new way of seeing something or maybe even the slightest bit of inspiration, then I will consider this all a success.

So, go back to the home page and find something interesting to read…


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